Transition Tips

Let us help you with a smooth transition.

At Bayside Terrace we understand the transition to a retirement community setting can be overwhelming. Not only does it require a physical move, but it also requires an adjustment phase and a lifestyle change. When considering the option of retirement living, it is important to do thorough research, and make sure the choice you are making is the right one for you. At Bayside Terrace we work very hard to make sure that the transition to our community is smooth, and that our residents feel informed and comfortable every step of the way. Through our experience we have become very familiar with the process and transition into a retirement community, and have provided a few “Transition Tips” for you to consider as you research and ultimately make the decision to choose retirement living.

  1. Keep in mind… retirement living is life enhancing not ending!
    Often times retirement living is viewed as “the beginning to the end” when in reality, making the lifestyle change to retirement living is the beginning to a whole new you! Putting yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by individuals your age, where there is opportunity and encouragement for socialization and participation in activities, and where you have assistance with household responsibilities and care services truly accounts for a care free lifestyle that is enhancing to all!
  2. Don’t wait, plan ahead…act NOW!
    Individuals view themselves as “not ready” to enter into retirement living. By accepting the idea of care free living you may be committing to a more safe, productive, and healthy lifestyle. When residents “wait” to enter retirement living, sometimes they bypass the opportunity to truly enjoy all of the perks that come along with the care-free lifestyle. We want you to join our family now, while you can fully take advantage of the opportunity to help build your own personal care model the way you intend for it to be, and while you can thoroughly enjoy the active benefits of our programming, and social activities. Look into potential options for benefits you or your loved ones may be entitled to, ask the right questions to help you determine what it is specifically you need or are interested in, and seek assistance when needed.
  3. Check to see if you are entitled to any retirement living benefits.
    When considering the option of retirement living, we suggest that you take full advantage of any potential benefits you may be entitled to. If you have a long term care insurance policy, inquire through your provider, and ask about potential income supplementation you may be entitled to that could help cover the cost of retirement living. If you, or your loved one considering retirement living has served active time in the military, pending compliance with certain criteria, you may also be entitled to Veteran’s Benefits. Contact a local VA office to inquire about specific details. If you or your loved ones suffer from cognitive or physical disabilities, discuss potential options for benefits with your attending physician for life- assisting opportunities you may be entitled to in the retirement setting. Contact our Bayside Terrace representatives to assist you with learning more about potential benefits you may be entitled to at 727-576-1234.
  4. Retirement Living can be very affordable!
    At first glance, the price tag associated with retirement living can have a sticker shock affect. Keep in mind that at Bayside Terrace, our all-inclusive lifestyle extends far beyond just renting an apartment. Visit our Cost Calculatorto help evaluate your finances to see just how affordable retirement living is.
  5. Ask the right questions!
    Being prepared to ask the right questions can help you in your search, and to determine which community is best for you. Be sure to ask questions such as…What is included in the cost of your units?
      • Do you have levels of care? Or is your community all- inclusive?
        • What type of programming or social activities do you offer?
          • Are all three meals a day included?
            • What is the length terms of the lease I would be signing?
              • Do your prices increase every calendar year?
                • What are the strengths/weaknesses of your community?
                  • What makes your community different?
                    • What happens if down the line, my loved one (or I myself) need additional care?

                  These questions will help you to jumpstart your conversation regarding retirement communities. They will also give you a better understanding as to what it is you are looking for, and where you or your loved one fits in the retirement spectrum. The more questions you ask, the better understanding of the community you will have.

                  1. Be prepared to answer personal questions.
                    When searching for retirement living, be prepared to discuss personal details about your life, such as your medical history, financial situation, and what is important to you.
                    Why? It is in the best interest of our potential residents to be as honest with us as possible so we can create a realistic option to present you with how we can potentially assist you. We are trying to get to know you, and by providing personal information to us it allows us to create the BEST personalized option to fit your specific situation. All of this together helps us to determine where you would best fit in our community.
                  2. Pursue options for support.
                    The process of navigating your way through the transition to retirement living can be exhausting and overwhelming. Seek support from those who are knowledgeable. Bayside Terrace specializes in assisting families through the process of this transition. We have a network of support services, and professionals we employand work with that are available to answer any questions you or your loved ones may have about anything you encounter throughout this process.

                  Call today, and let us help you!